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~NOTE: if you want protective bubble wrap on your tape, please add the option to your order~

We don't generally get a lot of distro stock, so if you're after anything it would probably be a very good idea to pick it up as soon as ASAP as possible.

- FISTULA'S Goat. https://crucialblast.bandcamp.com/album/goat

- Debut cassette from Brisbane's KNIFER courtesy of Rogues Realm Records (https://kniferbrisbane.bandcamp.com/album/knifer)
- Discography cassette by ADHDOD from Abusive Noise Records (https://abusivenoisetapes.bandcamp.com/album/adhod-discography-2016)
- DISFARE's gnarly self-titled EP. Indonesian grinding violence from Abusive Noise Records (https://abusivenoisetapes.bandcamp.com/album/disfare-e-p)
- PRESSOR'S Grave Full of Weed. (https://pressor.bandcamp.com/album/grave-full-of-weed)
- THEIST'S debut EP re-issue from Dense(s) Records (https://denses.bandcamp.com/album/theist-ep-re-issue)