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HMG001 - GOLDEN BATS - Falling Sparrows cassette



This is it. It's finally happening. Our VERY FIRST release, over a year after we launched this record label project hahaha. You knew this was coming, and now it actually IS. FOR REAL.

Oh, so you think DESCENT was our first release? Wrong. Look at the code on its spine; it says HMG002. The number 2 generally comes after the number 1. Look at the spine of this tape's j-card design, what does it say? It says HMG001.

This is where it all begins. We've come full circle, back to the start. This is what it sounds like when you amplify molten lava slowly dribbling down the side of a volcano, with a tasteful garnish of the painful screams of someone being eaten alive from the inside out. Also a drum machine. After many moons of fine-tuning, tracklist shuffling, and other such things, the good person over at Golden Bats has cooked up something special just for you.

Black cassettes, limited to 51 hand-numbered copies.