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HMG008 - HOBO MAGIC // HORSEHUNTER - Live Split cassette


~NOTE: if you want protective bubble wrap on your tape, please add the option to your order~

Spreading the heavy grooves and the crushing glooms over a seven date tour in the middle of the cruel Australian winter in 2016, the Sunshine Coast's very own HOBO MAGIC and Melbourne's premiere doom quartet HORSEHUNTER stopped by PBS Radio in Collingwood before the main tour kicked off, recording a live set each packed full of tasty tunes.

This holy union was captured by Tom Strode at PBS for Studio 5 Live, and is now available in the corporeal realm in the form of this limited run of cassette tapes, brought to you by Haemorrhage Records in conjunction with Desert Highways and Magnetic Eye Records.

This music is only able to be heard on these tapes, or if Doc Brown visits and takes you back to June 29th 2016 to hear it live on the radio. There are no digital versions; this is it, so get in quick if you want to hear the visceral aural girth of two of Australia's most righteous young rockers and/or rollers.


LISTEN to the band's studio recordings:
- HOBO MAGIC - https://deserthighways.bandcamp.com/album/hobo-magic

- HORSEHUNTER - http://store.merhq.com/album/caged-in-flesh

Limited to 60 rubine red cassettes.