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HMGNA1-5 - NO ANCHOR - Tape Discography



I guess it should be a tape-ography?

This compiles the five studio album tapes available through our re-issue series into one convenient purchase. Yes, it is a little cheaper than buying them all separately; some folks might only want one album, others might want two, but generally speaking if you're a fan you're going to want the full set, and this is the most cost-effective way of obtaining them.

Postage is a bit of a fiend on this one but we've tried to keep it as low as possible so neither parties get stung.

This product contains the following Haemorrhage Records releases:
- HMGNA1 - Fire Flood and Acid Mud
- HMGNA2 - Steam
- HMGNA3 - Real Pain Supernova
- HMGNA4 - The Golden Bridge
- HMGNA5 - I Hate Myself & I Want to Live [we are awaiting stock for this item; your order will ship as soon as we receive this tape]

This item bundle will begin shipping in early October 2017 (or as soon as we have all the tapes in stock)