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HMGNA3 - NO ANCHOR - Real Pain Supernova cassette


HMGNA3 - NO ANCHOR - Real Pain Supernova

April 5th, 2012. This was the first time that I witnessed No Anchor perform live. They were the local support for the Dead Meadow show at The Zoo, and I was floored. The thick walls of drone coupled with shrieks and howling feedback. It hit me like a freight train.

I had heard of them in my brief year or so in "the scene" but had never got around to actually diving into their albums or seeking out a live show. Luckily there were some shirts for sale at the Dead Meadow gig so I could purchase one and proudly display my new obsession. From then on, the collector bug burrowed itself deep into my brain and I had to have everything they put out. I went to Rocking Horse the next day and bought Real Pain Supernova (the repress on oxblood coloured vinyl), as well as the Rope/Pussyfootin' 7" (how good is the Big Black cover on there?!).

A few months passed and their next album, The Golden Bridge, was announced, so obviously I grabbed the deluxe pre-order. I was spoiled in the year 2012 with No Anchor goodies, but Real Pain Supernova was their first album that I really sunk my teeth into, and here I am five years later re-issuing the damn thing on tape! This album has would-be singles out the wazoo, and is also the first appearance by Donnie on a No Anchor release.

Limited to 74 hand-numbered copies, this cassette re-issue of No Anchor's third studio album contains an extra track titled 'Mt. Sylvia', previously unreleased on any physical format.