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HMGNA4 - NO ANCHOR - The Golden Bridge cassette



Beginning on an unusual introduction with a keyboard-driven jaunt with lyrics damning a series of terrible things including but not limited to "every boatshoe arsehole", tough guys, cancer, each band member specifically, and the band in general, and the listener themself, The Golden Bridge sees No Anchor more animated than on their previous albums. Songs found on this album will scream at you with fearsome feedback and immense drum fills and snarling lyricism.

The first song proper is 'Slack Sabbath', and it contains one of the catchiest riffs the band has ever put to tape, as well as a powerful chorus with some tasteful wah pedal put to good use. Next up is lead single 'Anna', which is - like many classic rock songs - about a girl, and she is not shed in the kindest of lights. I could go on trying to describe how good this album is but No Anchor's very own bassist/vocalist Ian Rogers did a legitimate track-by-track write-up around when the album originally dropped in 2012 and the dude writes actual novels so just go here and read it [http://messandnoise.com/features/4542061].

The Golden Bridge is limited to 78 hand-numbered copies on gold cassettes.